What is gold bees etf?

The Nippon India Gold BEes ETF is an open gold commodity scheme owned by Nippon India Mutual Fund House. The fund was launched on. A beta lower than 1 means that the fund's returns are less volatile compared to the general market. A beta higher than 1 means that the fund's returns are more volatile than those of the markets in general.

A beta equal to 1 means that the fund's volatility is in line with that of the general market. Like any other gold ETF, Nippon India's Gold BEes ETF is listed on stock exchanges and units can be bought or sold throughout trading hours, similar to stocks. In the past six months, the domestic price of gold fell by almost 11 percent due to the strengthening of the rupee, the fall in world gold prices and the reduction of customs duties. Nippon India's Gold BEes ETF is an open plan that is listed on stock exchanges such as NSE and BSE in the form of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in physical gold.

Thanks to the increase in the price of gold, which has benefited many investors exposed to gold. Investors who expect gold prices to remain lower for longer can stagger their purchase of units of the Gold BEes ETF from Nippon India, a publicly traded fund with a 14-year track record. A gold ETF is a passive investment instrument that aims to closely monitor the returns provided by the domestic price of gold. Investment objective: The objective of the fund is to provide returns that closely correspond to the return provided by the price of gold by investing in physical gold.

The Gold BeeES ETF from Nippon India is a good option because it is the most liquid and actively traded gold ETF. Gold ETFs are better suited for liquidity, however, as an alternative, sovereign gold bonds can also be considered.